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        Blending vintage and modern sounds, Stompit is steeped in influences like blues, funk, rock n roll, R&B, soul, gospel, and fusion jazz.  Comprised of only 2 members – female vocalist and bass player Mer Sal and guitarist Jasco (of Grammy nominated Blinddog Smokin), Stompit may surprise many a jaded listener. 
        Stompit achieves a full band sound using a shared drum responsibility.  
        Crooner Mer Sal holds the groove on bass guitar, kick drum, and foot tambourine, while delivering passionate vocals for her songs.   
         Jasco emotes whammy-laced melodies and gut-wrenching blues riffs from his guitar, while managing to groove on snare drum and hi hat, completing the other half of the drum sound with Mer Sal. 

       Part of Stompit's allure and marketability comes from the fact that they are the only duo in the world to play drums with their feet while simultaneously playing guitars and singing, as far as we can tell from researching other artists' videos.  

       Stompit won the 2019 Colorado Blues Society's International Blues Challenge (IBC) Solo/Duo championship, and is slated to represent the Colorado Blues Society in 2020 in the Memphis, TN International Blues Challenge.  

        Jasco and Mer Sal have released 3 albums of material and garnered airplay on radio stations, along with reviews across the globe.  Stompit plays festivals, clubs, and concerts across 11 states, 160 dates a year.  There are interviews and reviews about Mer Sal and Jasco in publications like Jazz World, Bass Musicians Magazine and Denver's Westword. 

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Stompit - a full band sound, only two people.

Stompit - a full band sound, only two people.

Stompit's members Mer Sal and Jasco released a new album with their 3 piece band, The Symbols in 2019 called "Catching Fire."  

Chris K, of The Colorado Playlist says "Produced and recorded by Jasco at his Fort Collins studio "The Recordium,”"Catching Fire” sets the standard against which all other female fronted Americana blues oriented recordings will be measured in the coming year in Colorado."

Album is available for review and download at

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